BlueFire Mini Electric USB Car Charger Portable Smartphone Motor Charging Adapter 12 Volts to 5 Volts with Clock Fits Phone, Tablet, Navigation, Mobile Phones

Product Description

Input voltage: 12V 
Output voltage: 5V 
Output current: 1000 mA 
Output interface: USB 
Material: aluminum 
Cable length: 60cm 

Fixing and installation: 
1.Fix the bracket with screw together 
2.You can make a hole of about 2.5cm and fix with screwing ring 
3.Connect red wire to positive pole of power supply; and black wire to negative pole of power supply; please do not connect reversely. 

It can be used to charge mobile phones, GPS, auto speakers, car MP3 power supply and auto vacuum cleaner power supply. 

Package include: 
1x USB Car Charger 
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